By McCoy J. A.

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Topics on Domination

The contributions during this quantity are divided into 3 sections: theoretical, new types and algorithmic. the 1st part makes a speciality of homes of the traditional domination quantity &ggr;(G), the second one part is worried with new adaptations at the domination subject matter, and the 3rd is essentially all for discovering sessions of graphs for which the domination quantity (and numerous different domination-related parameters) could be computed in polynomial time.

Strong Limit Theorems in Noncommutative L2-Spaces

The noncommutative models of basic classical effects at the virtually convinced convergence in L2-spaces are mentioned: person ergodic theorems, robust legislation of huge numbers, theorems on convergence of orthogonal sequence, of martingales of powers of contractions and so on. The proofs introduce new suggestions in von Neumann algebras.

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If two positive quantities f and g satisfies A−1 f /g A with some constant A 1, then we say that f and g are comparable and write f ≈ g. We consider a pair (V, K) of a bounded open set V ⊂ Rn and a compact set K ⊂ Rn such that K ⊂ V , K ∩ D = ∅, and K ∩ ∂D = ∅. 1. 1) there exists a constant A0 depending only on D, V and K with the following property: If u and v are positive superharmonic functions on D such that (i) u and v are bounded, positive, and harmonic in V ∩ D, (ii) u and v vanish on V ∩ ∂D except for a polar set, then u(x)/u(y) v(x)/v(y) A0 for x, y ∈ K ∩ D.

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L. Sobolev became very attractive and were developed by many mathematicians in different ways. The second period could be dated from 1941 to 1957. L. Sobolev, was to evacuate the Institute from Moscow to Kazan’ and to organize conditions for work. L. Sobolev was appointed as the deputy director of the Institute for Atomic Energy. The best Soviet mathematicians were gathered under the roof of this institute to work on the nuclear project. L. Sobolev worked there for more than 14 years, however not much is known about these years.

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