By Barbara Shaw McKinney

This e-book is a year-after-year favourite with academics. It engagingly leads readers world wide following a drop of water - no matter if as steam or snow, inside of a plant or animal, or underground - instructing the wonders and significance of the water cycle. (There is a lot of geography, too.) 4 pages of technology concerning the features of water are integrated.

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A cloud is born. • Low hanging gray clouds that blanket the sky are called stratus clouds. They bring rain. • Puffy white cumulus clouds form higher up on fair weather days. • Dark thunderheads called cumulonimbus clouds bring storms. • Wispy cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals that form high up in the atmosphere where it’s freezing cold. There, winds spread them like feathers across the sky. • Fog is simply a cloud close to the ground. Heavy Magic Water is heavy. If you’ve ever had to haul a bucket of water, you know how heavy it is—a pound for every pint.

Water is up, down and everywhere. Water gives oxygen. Water gives food. Water gives everything needed for life. Water is more than just a substance—it’s a place called home. Temperature Tamer What’s the biggest difference between Earth and Mars, Jupiter, or any other planet? Answer: Earth is the water planet! Unlike other planets, Earth has lots of water in all three forms: solid, liquid, and gas. Most important, Earth’s perfect distance from the sun lets water flow as a liquid. Water on planets closer to the sun would evaporate in the great heat.

Maydak regularly gets waist or chest deep in water, pursuing one of his passions, fly fishing in the lakes and streams of the wild West. When he isn’t out in it, he’s likely to be painting nature in the studio of his home in Cool, California, where he lives with his wife and two children. Maydak has been a professional artist since 1976. He has illustrated four other books for Dawn Publications: Lifetimes, Salmon Stream, The Web at Dragonfly Pond, and There’s a Babirusa in My Bathtub. Also available from Dawn Publications A Teacher’s Guide to A Drop Around the World by Bruce and Carol Malnor Prepared by an experienced educator team, this guide offers a practical way for creative elementary teachers to incorporate A Drop Around the World into the science and language arts curriculum.

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