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O. t. ’ jadi ‘to become’ duduk ‘to sit’ bђsay ‘big’ cf. t. fall’ da-kђ-tawБ (not *da-tawБ) cf. kђ-tawБ (INCH-know) ‘get caught’ da-labuh, da-kђ-labuh The existence of the form kђ- in the passive or inverse voice forms may have arisen by analogy. Presumably (some) native speakers perceive ֊ђ- in active forms as being derived through nasal assimilation of an initial kђ of the base. This is corroborated by the inconsistent answers different informants gave me as to whether the passive or inverse forms contain kђ or not.

In this subsection I will discuss remaining morphophonemic phenomena pertaining to some of the prefixes. Unless otherwise indicated the variants discussed are those which occur in normal speech. 7 of Chapter 7. It has two alternate forms: bal- and ba֙-. Their occurrence is merely lexically conditioned and not productive. The form ba- is productively used. bal- has thus far been found to appear only in a single case with the base aja֙ ‘to teach’: bal-aja֙ ‘learn’. g. in a swing)’. 4 of Chapter 7.

Prepositional phrases and productive patterns of prefixation on the other hand tend to be pronounced with [a] in normal speech. 3 below). : /s- + utiБ/ [sutϯБ] /s- + iցiБ/ [siցϯБ] /s- + ikuБ/ [sikѐБ] (ONE-CLASS) ‘a/one long-shaped entity’ (ONE-CLASS) ‘a/one round-shaped entity’ (ONE-CLASS) ‘a/one animate entity’ If the vowel is preserved, leaving a vowel sequence, a non-phonemic glottal stop has to be inserted. 3 / C__ + C /ba- + ֙an’aw/ [b֙andaw] (ANPAS-visit) ‘have a visit, play around’ /pђ֙- + ati/ [p֙ati] (CAUSE-heart) ‘to pay attention to’ /֊ђ- + lalin/ [֊lal‫گ‬n] (ACT-plait) ‘plait’ /sђ- + bilik/ [sbilϯk] (ONE-room) ‘one room’ Glottal stop insertion A non-phonemic glottal stop may be inserted in between a CV-prefix and the base if the base begins with a vowel.

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