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The overall absolute hydroxyl concentration n is calculated by the Boltzmann statistical distribution formula. This method for determining absolute hydroxyl concentrations was applied in investigationsav6vg-13 on the importance of hydroxyl for various flames, as carried out a t the Institute of Chemical Physics. It was shown that hydroxyI was formed under flame conditions. In other words, hydroxyl was of a chemical, and not of an equilibrium, nature, and played an important part in combustion processes.

Hg. The reaction vessel was adjusted along the optical axis of the light source and the spectrograph slit. The reaction vessel and the discharge tube were made of molybdenum. The vessel was provided with quartz windows. Another discharge tube filled with water vapor was used as the source of light. The tube had one quartz window and was water-cooled. The light source showed a hydroxyl spectrum of steady intensity for a long period of time. A quartz spectrograph of average resolution (Q-24) was used.

Consequently, no conclusions were based on analysis of reaction products, as these might have appeared by reaction of other species as well. The only interference in investigating reactions between hydroxyl and hydrocarbons might have been the reaction involving atomic oxygen which could have been pumped out from the discharge zone in water vapor. If atomic oxygen were to reactwith hydrocarbons to form hydroxyl, the phenomenon would be slightly different. Special experiments were conducted to find out whether atomic oxygen reactions interfere with investigations on hydroxyl reactions.

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