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He knew everything that went on in Midgård and could even see into the future. The mighty Oden knew that one day the Giants would invade Asgård and that would be the end of the world. This event was known as Ragnarök. Thor, the God of Thunder, was the strongest and most popular God among the Vikings. He would throw his hammer, Mjölner, to kill enemies such as the Giants and, like a booOden approaching merang, it would return to his hand Valhalla every time he threw it. Oden also chose which Vikings would join him and the other Gods in Asgård in the afterlife.

Every day all year-round one of the 11 ships that operate on the Hurtigruten line departs the harbor in Bergen. The ship Introduction shorter flights between smaller cities, particularly in the north. Norwegian is the low-budget alternative, which is worth checking out before booking through any of the other companies. no 38 n Getting Around travels up the coast and through the fjords all the way to Kirkenes. ” Read more about this trip under the Bergen chapter in Norway. By Train Anytime you have the option of taking a train, you should do it, as they are both faster and more comfortable and often don’t cost more than the buses.

Sweden had formed an alliance with France against Germany in the still ongoing Thirty-Year War, but France had no interest in helping the Swedes against Denmark. Instead, Sweden turned to the Dutch, who were more willing to help out in order to create some stability in the Danish-dominated Öresund and Baltic regions. The strong Swedish and Dutch navies defeated the Danes. That eventually led to the Peace Treaty of Brömsebro in 1645, by the terms of which Denmark Introduction In 1643, Sweden declared war on Denmark which they could now attack from two sides, since they still had troops in Germany.

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