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Michelle Obama: First Lady (Women of Achievement)

During this all-new biography, readers will learn the way Michelle Obama overcame stumbling blocks to be successful and the way her tale is influencing different younger women this day.

The Complete Makers of History of Jacob Abbott (Illustrated)

• Illustrated• Author’s biography is includedThis booklet includes the entire makers of background written through Jacob Abbott. the next used to be from Abraham Lincoln concerning this sequence. —Abraham Lincoln: "I are looking to thanks and your brother for Abbott’s sequence of Histories. i haven't schooling sufficient to understand the profound works of voluminous historians, and if I had, i've got no time to learn them.

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This makes the lower sides of the stem and leaves grow slightly longer, which turns the plant upward. Roots act differently, as they are a different part of the plant. On the root, the auxin causes slower growth. So, when auxin gathers on the lower side of the root, the upper side grows a little longer and the root turns downward. You’ll get to observe both cases in this experiment. MATERIALS 3 small, mature potted plants Several pinto beans Sunny location Paper towel Drinking glass Aluminum foil Water Camera PROCEDURE MATURE PLANTS Place all three potted plants in a sunny location, but tip one on its side toward the sun, tip another on its side away from the sun, and leave the third upright.

In the same way, an oil spill tends to ride on the surface of the water because oil is also less dense than water. However, solid objects, or even thicker liquids, will sink in water because they are denser than the water. To compare the densities of two or more materials, you can set up a liquid test container with layers of liquids, each with different density. By noticing how the materials separate from one another, scientists can identify unknown materials. This makes it easier to clean up pollution in lakes and streams.

PROCEDURE Peel the banana and place it into one of the jars. Leave the other jar empty. Put the jars in a place they won’t be disturbed for two weeks — preferably outdoors during warm weather. Twice a day, observe the banana and keep a log of what you see. Include descriptions like color, consistency, smell, and the presence of flies or other living creatures. Compare the contents of the empty jar to those of the jar with the banana. After two weeks, look over your notes to mark the changes that occurred during that time.

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