By Lois Lowry

"As quickly as I end this chocolate pudding, I'm going to leap out the window." Twelve-year-old Anastasia Krupnik has simply came across that her mom and dad are making plans a flow to the suburbs. and she or he occurs to understand that folks within the suburbs do not need significant work on their partitions. they've got paint-by-numbers images of kittens with titanic eyes fidgeting with balls of yarn. And within the position of bookcases they've got huge television units with bowls of pretend fruit on best. One examine their destiny residence within the suburbs, in spite of the fact that, and Anastasia falls in love. It's no longer lengthy ahead of she's assembly the friends, together with a good-looking tennis participant and a witch named Gertrude Stein. And it takes not often any time in any respect sooner than she's immersed in exactly the type of advanced messes that she turns out to concentrate on.

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Where did you get it? Drake… …How do you know it belongs to Greyfalcon? Know anyone else who builds machines like the ones in here? You know him? Yes. A harsh man. It can’t be… Greyfalcon…! Our thieves show up in the very same place Greyfalcon does? Here, of all places? When was he here? And why? Was he hurt? A while ago. Three moons at least. And not hurt. He wanted to see the pigeons. Sir Drake! Y-You’re up late, tumbler. You Caught me red-handed! Just sneaking a bite from the kitchens. It’s hungry work, ours is.

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