By Jim Wiese

Dig into the technological know-how of precedent days and unearth impressive discoveries!
* have you questioned the place paper comes from, who made the 1st identified maps, or how the traditional Egyptians have been in a position to construct the pyramids?
* do you want to make your individual sundial, notice how you can notice earthquakes, or learn how to write in hieroglyphics?
* Are you searching for nice rules to your subsequent technological know-how reasonable undertaking?

for those who responded "Yes" to any of those questions, then historical technology is for you! From Greek lighthouses and Roman bridges to chinese language kites and Mesopotamian cleaning soap, you will examine many of the maximum medical discoveries and the folk who brought them to the realm. Dozens of fun-packed actions assist you see for your self how the earliest people cultivated vegetation, why tools make diverse sounds, how fireworks get their explosive energy, and lots more and plenty extra. all the tasks are secure and simple to do, and all you would like is daily stuff from round the condo. So step again in time and take an grand trip with old technology!

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Hook the spring scale to the end of the string, and use the scale to lift the rock off and weigh it in the air. Record the weight. 4. With the spring scale still attached to the rock, carefully lower the rock into the water-filled pot until it is completely covered. Water should flow from the pot into the plastic tub. 5. Record the weight of the rock now. What happens to the weight of the rock when you weigh it in water? 6. Calculate the difference between how much the rock weighed in the air and how much it weighed in the water by subtracting its weight under water from its weight in the air.

These will be the axles for your vehicle. 8. Push the center of one cardboard wheel onto each wire end. Add glue to hold the cardboard wheels to the axles. 9. With the wooden vehicle on the table, pull the other end of the spring scale, moving the block along the table. Measure and record the force needed to move the block. With which method is it easiest to move the wooden block? qxd 12/12/02 6:44 PM Page 25 Explanation It will take the most force to slide the wooden block across the table. Although rolling the block on the plastic straws takes less force, the block quickly reaches the end of the straws, and the straws would have to be moved in order to move the block farther.

Coins on the table. S. coin, place the Canadian coin of the same value. 2. Observe each pair of coins. How are they the same? How are they different? 3. S. coins. What happens? 4. Take the magnet and touch each of the Canadian coins. What happens this time? More Fun Stuff to Do Try testing coins from other countries, such as Mexico and England. Which coins are magnetic? qxd 12/12/02 6:44 PM Page 30 Explanation While the coins of the United States and Canada look similar, several Canadian coins—the nickel, dime, and quarter—are magnetic, while the same coins from the United States are not.

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