Esta antología recoge las discusiones más importantes sobre un tipo de argumentación filosófica cuyo antecedente más importante se encuentra en l. a. filosofía crítica de Kant y que pretende establecer condiciones necesarias de l. a. experiencia. El volumen repasa diversas maneras de apoyar y de criticar este tipo de inferencia, así como distintas formas de interpretar l. a. naturaleza de aquellas condiciones que buscan concluir los argumentos trascendentales. Incluye artículos ya clásicos de Stephan Körner, Donald Davidson, Eva Shaper, Roderick Chisholm, Barry Stroud, Peter Hacker, P.F. Strawson, Manfred Baum, Jonathan Bennett y Ralph Walker, entre otros.

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The committee reiterates its earlier position and recommends that before making the changes in the current decision process, SSA should establish evaluative criteria for measuring the performance of the decision process, conduct research studies and analyses to determine how the current processes work relative to these preestablished criteria, and then evaluate the extent to which change would lead to improvement. Since SSA is devoting its attention to updating the Medical Listings component of the decision process, this recommendation is most applicable to the Listings.

As part of the initiative to redesign the decision process, SSA included in its redesign research plan an evaluation of the effect of vocational factors—age, education, and work experience—on the ability to work or adapt to work in the presence of functional impairment. A review of existing knowledge concerning vocational factors and their impact on the ability to perform jobs in the national economy raised challenging questions about the continuing validity of the approach taken by SSA’s existing regulations.

These individualized assessments of functional ability would also take into consideration the effects of the vocational factors in determining the demands of the individual’s previous work. Functional assessment instruments would be designed to measure an individual’s abilities to perform a baseline of occupational demands that include the primary dimensions of work and that exist in significant numbers in the national economy (SSA, 1994a). 26 THE DYNAMICS OF DISABILITY The final decision step of the proposed decision process subsumed both steps four and five of the current decision process.

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