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Published via the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Special guides Series.

In 1970 the President of ICSU invited member international locations to set up nationwide committees for the Geodynamics venture. whilst the Inter-Union fee on Geodynamics was once confirmed to manage the actions of the venture.

To enforce its actions, the ICG verified ten operating teams that aren't equipped as indexed less than:

1. Geodynamics of the Western Pacific-Indonesian region.
2. Geodynamics of the jap Pacific zone, Caribbean and Scotia arcs.
three. Geodynamics of the Alpine-Himalayan sector, West.
four. Geodynamics of Continental and Oceanic Rifts.
five. homes and techniques within the Earth's Interior.
6. Geodynamics of the Alpine-Himalayan sector, East.
7. Geodynamics of Plate Interiors.
eight. Convections among Continental and Oceanic Structures.
nine. background and interplay of Tectonic, Magmatic and Metamorphic Processes.
10. worldwide Syntheses and Paleoreconstruction.


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5 seismic results. Consequently it must be assumed that crustal material disappeared during orogeny. It is difficult or im­ possible to make quantitative estimates of the amount of crust that has disappeared since there may have been considerable crustal thinning during the geosynclinal stage. This is one of the handicaps of plate tectonic interpretations of the Eastern Alps. We hope to get additional information about the crustal structure from a very long 1 ithospheric" re­ fraction profile along the strike of the Alps with fans to the north and the south.

The comparison between the positions of vertices obtained from two sets of measurements (1971-1973) showed very small variations which are within the limit of accuracy of the measurements carried out (5). Six sets of measurements from September 1970 to September 1973 across the Strait of Messina were also taken by another group at two points in Cala­ bria and two in Sicily using a laser geodimeter. The results indicated a reciprocal displacement of the coasts between the first two measurements and a steady situation in the following period (6).

1973) and other paleomagneticists disagreed over the timing of all or at least some of these rotations - a mid-Tertiary date being the most quoted alternative. Currently it would seem that the Iberian and Italian peninsulas, together with Sicily, may well have rotated with respect to stable Europe in Late Cretaceous time, perhaps synchronous with the main rotation of Africa relative to Europe. Corsica, Sardinia and parts of the southern Alps however, appear to have rotated in Oligocene-Lower Miocene times (Channell and Tarling, 1975; Lowrie and Alvarez, 1975).

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